My Autobiography

Early life .


I am Dalip Singh well known by my ring name “The Great Khali” .

I was born on 27th August 1972 in Dhiriana , Po:Nainidhar , Teh:shillai,Dist:Sirmour

Himachal Pradesh .

Personally, I belongs to a lower class family.My father

'shri Jwalaram' was a farmer and my mother 'tandidevi' was a proud housewife.

I was 3rd oldest child in the family of 7 brothers and 1 sister.

In my young age, I started working as a labor for a road construction. I used to work 18 hrs daily in such condition where ordinary man cannot survive even for 2,3 hrs . when I was working on the sites local villagers used to make fun of me & used to bullied me in all the aspect they can but like always I ignored them. I worked hard.I never losses focus from my work.actually my mind was full of ideas but due to lack of proper guidance and platforms for opportunity, I was not able to prove myself.Still above all those circumstances, I never broke my faith from god and hard workInside in my mind, I knew that one day I will get that golden chance to prove myself. on 15th February,1994 I got an offer in Punjab police. because of this my family was very happy but at the same time they were worried because of anti-Sikh riots. I didn’t worried about that! My thoughts were “ONE LIFE -ONE CHANCE “.so, I accepted the opportunity and everything was going fine from then.



During my tenure in Punjab,   M.S BHULLAR(I.G) saw me and advised

me to start playing discus throw and shot-put. then I replied that,' I am much more interested in boxing and karate rather than these sports.' But ms bhullar denied and started convincing hard towards stepping up into sports like discus throw and shot-put. As a result, within six months i became interstate shotput champion. My achievement raised the happiness of M.S Bhullar but I didn’t want to limit my goals. So, after a while I started bodybuilding without letting anyone know and also continued my shot-put practice. In Dec 1994, I participated in my first bodybuilding competition where M.S Bhullar was the

chief guest. There, I gained 5th position in the overall open category which made M S bhullar proud and i got promoted in Punjab police as "a head constable!"

After that I realized, that I am on the right path of my career.M S bhullar also supported me in pursuing my career. I took a deep breath and started memorizing the rollercoaster of my life where i had sleepless nightbecause of empty stomach. I thought that I don’t have to look back and

only way I need to go ahead was working hard. It motivated me to work harder than ever before but then also- People used to make fun of me Saying that - "I am a crazy guy who is working day & night 24*7 just to full fill his dream like a Caveman."In 1996, I was crowned as Mr. Punjab and further Mr.north India In 1997, I broke my own chain of titles and became Mr. India which was a very big achievement at that time. During my bodybuilding career I became so famous that people invites me as a guest Poser in their shows in all over India and day by day I became India’s most famous bodybuilder of all time still I holds the record of world's tallest body

builder. I did not stopped here but rather thought of more challenging work then body building as by now many people entered this field which made body building very casual thing. In 1998, I borrowed a black and white TV worth Rs. 1000. One day when I

was getting ready for gym, I noticed a program named WWF which grabbed my attention to the extent that I thought this is the thing I am made for and I was born to do this. After that I started collecting info about WWF but unfortunately , I came to know that it’s a US based wrestling federation. After

that again everyone started saying that W.W.F. is not for you and you can’t do that.But i was so much sure about my I was having a dream of becoming WWF wrestler. Somehow ,I manage to get visa of U.S.A. that makes me very happy and I shares this to M.S Bhullar!!!

"he totally denied for that and took my passport under his custody."I started begging continuously to grant his permission for only chance to prove myself, but he said no because he thought that I will do the same like other sportsman 'who went to USA and never come back'. He knew few sportsmen who were doing labor jobs over there for rest of their life. he don't wanted me to see one of them.

still I tried to convince M.S

Bhullar to give him one chance to show that I will come back with success. After one year, I got selected for Asian Bodybuilding competition in Malaysia but for this IBBF was asking for INR40,000 for my expenses over there.Again I told everything to M.S bhullar that I want INR40,000 and my passport

for all the expanses to go there.Again! he denied for money but gave me

the passport and said go there and take part in competition.when M.S bhullar refuses to provide me money,I had a different plan in my mind. I took the passport, went to the embassy, got the visa and I directly flies to USA. When I arrived in USA for wrestling training in California ,the coach and promoter of A.P.W. were waiting for me

 Coach Morgan & owner of A.P.W. were shocked when they saw me. I remember , they came to the airport to receive me…. That time Of course I wanted to impress them as it was my first impression but because of "my strong physique" everything had happened naturally . They used to be scared when I wanted to shake hands with them. Funny part, They always warned me that 'if you want to shake hands , do it slowly we don’t want to die by shaking hands."(lol) Then my training started. my biggest challenge was ENGLISH!!!....language!!!.. To explain things in English was quite hard & difficult for me because I was never familiar with that language. English was one of the biggest tasks of my life but those people always helped me out, 1st with the help of sign, I used to explain them physically that what I want& vice versa. That way slowly my fear of English ended & things became easy. my second challenge was accommodation & conveyance. I did not have any vehicle over there. I remember how tough it was! but every problem has a solution, my solution was -my passion, my hard work, my honesty. I always asked myself if I could break stones then why I can’t overcome these challenges?! Infront of my passion these problems were so small. it was difficult.. painful... I walked... I ran... I got hurt... but I never stopped. After 6 months in APW , I got an offer from WCW.. sky was limit for my happiness, I felt my hard work finally paid off. I remembered my journey... I went into a flashback.. I had tears in my eyes but,"fate wanted something different!" destiny wanted to make me strong. As I got to know in a few days that "WCW got sold out to WWF." I broke down.... I cried.. But I was so used to painful circumstances that I decided to fight against it better than before... This time I started working more gracefully looking like a person without a heart who was breathing practice, who was living practice. I became so tough with myself! meanwhile, I was awarded the 'best student of APW' & the 'best wrestler of APW'. I was happy but not satisfied.




In 2001 NEW JAPAN PRO WRESTLING (NJPW) coaches came to APW to pick good wrestlers.

We were 100 students at APW. Among all of them they had selected me. 'That was the biggest break of my life when I signed the NJPW contract.'


I felt peaceful as I had very bad & challenging past few years….

I was with NJPW for next 3 years. After 3 years, I got a chance to work in movies.


'My 1st audition-I felt like a celebrity ...'

I went for the audition of “LONGEST YARD”! many handsome youngsters were there. I remembered that 'big line'... I was waiting for my turn...

but then suddenly one gentleman came out! his name was "ADAM SANDLER".. &

he saw me. He told others to go home in front of me and everyone’s audition was cancelled!!!!

He came to me and said “I want this guy! Mr. Dalip Singh”!!


It was like a dream. Ohh! one second, In my dream also i never thought that I can work in movies and that too in Hollywood!! Give me a break!!!


There was a time even to watch a movie was sign of WEALTH. So you people can imagine the feeling of my longest yard selection.!.

I was sure, I could achieve something but I never thought I would be treated like a celebrity.


I remember

while shooting, people used to came and asked if I wanted something .They used to take care of me if it was too sunny … those colorful umbrella and beautiful services... I was entering in a new life.. Those were amazing days..After that I went for promotion of longest yard in New York. Then WWE owner heard about my character in the movie, of course the credit goes to longest yard.They were so excited to meet me as they heard there was a big and strong guy in the longest yard movie. He has something different . They called me and asked me to meet at headquarters of WWE. I said yes… ohh! How can I forget that 'long limousine' they sent for me!!!!! When I saw that, I got emotional because I used to dream of of travelling in buses and train where people used to treat me harshly because of my physique and then this long car!!!!!... how life turns even we never know its full of surprises

Well, I went to WWE when Mr. McMahon saw me, his 1st word was “Wooohhhh!!! You are on my team now!”

NO! NO! Conversation was like this:

Mr. McMahon : Do u want to work in WWE?

Me :- yes ..

 Mr. McMahon :- Great !! We are now a team !! ha-ha!

  He was so much happy to have me in WWE and of course vice versa.

After signing the WWE contract they immediately sent me to Atlanta.


Ohh yes I became 1st Indian pro wrestler to be signed a contract with WWE! After that under my ring name ‘THE GREAT KHALI’. On my debut night I got to know I have my match with UNDERTAKER! Then producers started questioning me do you feel scary? I asked ,why?  They said , "lot of people are scared of dead man" I replied NO. I don’t feared anybody. After that during my fight I defeated him pinning him by putting my feet on his chest after that when I came back to the locker room everyone was staring at me saying that you’re a very lucky guy. We never get a chance to fight against Dead man. you don’t have any idea about what you did and whom you have defeated and I said that it’s just a beginning….The world started recognizing me in news, social media everywhere and started talking about me that I am from China, Russia, U.S.A. Mexico, Italy god knows if any country left… after defeating undertaker my hungriness for accomplishment raised ... so much high that people started calling me PUNJABI NIGHTMARE

 After that just in a year, i beat almost every single wrestler of WWE and in 2007 I became WWE world heavyweight champion and in one night I become the most famous person in the universe. After this much of Name& fame numerous opportunities comes under my name like movies, TV shows, advertisements etc. But WWE denied everything by saying that you cannot do this because you are in contract with us which shows that they are jealous of my accomplishment. They didn’t stopped there still they were using their every single weapon to destroy me and tried their best to kill my character. Then I finally decided to quit WWE and after finishing my contract with them. In 2015 I started my own wrestling school in India named CONTINENTAL WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT (CWE) in INDIA ,Punjab,Jalandhar . So alright friends This was just a small part of my life. Right now I have to leave but I will be back soon with more updates till that I want to give a short message for everyone.



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