History of Coaches at CWE


When the academy started our first coach was Sirish Bhawnani, also known as Geek Singh. He is an Indian origin wrestler from USA, who also worked in the WWE for a while.  

After six months when the first coach completed his contract, we had our second coach Rex Andrews all the way from USA.


Afterwards, we had another coach, the former WWE superstar Mex-American Jesus Rodriguez also known as Ricardo Rodriguez who played the key role in mentoring the students of CWE. 


Then we had Hornet also known as Darryl Sharma, Indo-Canadian wrestler who is currently working as a referee in the WWE NXT. Hornet took Ricardo's legacy to the next level in the growth of CWE. 


Our fifth coach was Matthew Desrocher, also known as Mattxstatic from Canada. 


Sixth, was Hash - Tag Ethand HD from Seattle, USA. Arrived in India for the first time to develop Indian pro wrestling to the next level. 


Seventh, coach from Pittsburgh, USA. Michael Cichowicz also known as Neon Ninza Facade.

Our newest coach is from Michigan, United States. Xavier Justice, also known as Joseph Beckwith. Xavier bring over a decade of experience in the pro wrestling to CWE.

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